Soup Vegetarian

Soup, Smoothies, Gazpacho, Juice, Blender Funk

The G/F’s wisdom teeth are at the bottom of hospital bin so she looks like a chipmunk and can’t eat anything bigger than a grain of salt. My soup skills are comsequently in demand. I don’t like gazpacho at the best of times but in between cold pack applications Planet Food: Spain came on and the version they made looked edible so I had a crack. It looked perfect (my iPhone camera makes it look a little yellow below), tasted exactly like I think it should have and was dreadful, so I think I’m going to leave alimento espaƱol there and have a tilt at a good paella next week instead. The stew I made to go with it was OK, but even my finest Shun work couldn’t make the lamb small enough for G/F’s mouth, so it ended up in the blender anyway.


  • Tomatoes and Onion made into soup
  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic
  • Crusty stale bread, soaked in water
  • Garnish with coriander and diced tomato

In other news, blenders are too hard to clean. I can’t wait to get my mortar and pestle out again and start pounding. It’s currently packed while I wait to move into my new house, two weeks from today. More on that later.