Breakfast Eggs Mushroom Prawns

Smoked Pork, Prawn and Mushroom Omelette

You need month-old, farm laid, free-range eggs at room temperature for this to come alive. In the same way the Italians will make pasta the hero, if you get the eggs right, and you know the chickens are loved, you can make an omelette above and beyond amazing. Smoked pork and prawns are a classic match, pad the middle out with heaps of diced onion for sweetness, cheese for cheesiness and then the mushrooms act like a sponge, soaking up the goodness. You need to make it right, sealing the outside to lock in the flavour for full effect, so follow Maggie Beer’s procedure as a guide if you’re not sure. I’m eating this as I type and there are little bits of drool on the keyboard.

Garnish with sorrel and paprika. Season well. Serve with fresh farm grown lemon and tomato chutney.

Drink with: Turkey Flat Rose