Breakfast Eggs Mushroom Prawns

Smoked Pork, Prawn and Mushroom Omelette

You need month-old, farm laid, free-range eggs at room temperature for this to come alive. In the same way the Italians will make pasta the hero, if you get the eggs right, and you know the chickens are loved, you can make an omelette above and beyond amazing. Smoked pork and prawns are a classic match, pad the middle out with heaps of diced onion for sweetness, cheese for cheesiness and then the mushrooms act like a sponge, soaking up the goodness. You need to make it right, sealing the outside to lock in the flavour for full effect, so follow Maggie Beer’s procedure as a guide if you’re not sure. I’m eating this as I type and there are little bits of drool on the keyboard.

Garnish with sorrel and paprika. Season well. Serve with fresh farm grown lemon and tomato chutney.

Drink with: Turkey Flat Rose

Eggs Mexican

Mexican Frittata

Mexican Frittata
Mexican Frittata

We know the chickens (Marcia Hines, Kamahl and The Very Leggy Rhonda Burchmore) live happy lives because: a) they are so unafraid of anything they harass the dog if we’re not careful; and b) they lay three eggs a day, like clockwork. If you have equally happy chickens, or access to an egg shop, here is a solution.

  1. Roughly chop up five large cloves of garlic
  2. Caramelise those off in a large pan with a roughly diced leek in far too much olive oil, probably 1/4 cup of it
  3. Add diced chorizo and a diced capsicum, fry that some more
  4. Season with salt, pepper and cumin
  5. Keep the heat on full, keep plenty of oil in the pan, add in a roughly diced avocado, in big chunks
  6. Beat up 8 eggs and 3 tablespoons of butter, pour those over the top of the mix in the pan
  7. Keep the heat on high and watch the eggs bubble a little – this aerates them
  8. Turn the heat off, sprinkle with grated cheese
  9. Put the pan in an oven pre-heated to 200 degrees
  10. Cook for 15 or so minutes until firm and until a nice oily, eggy, cheesy, chorizo, leek and garlic crust has formed on the outside, but don’t over-cook so it dries out
  11. Serve with a garnish and drizzle with black truffle oil
  12. Amazeballs
Breakfast Eggs

The Perfect Sunday Morning Breakfast at Home?

Eggs benny, poached with Balsamic. Rocket, bacon, white toast. The right amount of cracked pepper. Sorted, yeah?