Truffle Oil Tacos

Truffle Oil Tacos, photo credit: Teddy Kwok
Truffle Oil Tacos, photo credit: Teddy Kwok

As decadent as a Mayan sun God’s gold stash and tastier than melted cheese on chorizo.

Make the meat sauce with pork and veal, onion, chorizo, tomatoes, red chilli, Pedro Ximenez, Manzanilla, garlic, cumin, paprika, in that order.

Make the tortillas with wholeground Mexican stone ground white corn flour, mixed with truffle oil, salt, water and some sugar. Get the consistency to a point approximating smooth, dry play doh. Dry grill them in your biggest, heaviest pan.

Top with fresh tomato, avocado-heavy guacamole, heavy as a mofo sour cream, coriander, truffle oil and grated cheese. Put some lettuce or similar on the side.

Drink with a lightish Shiraz.