Gluten free dinner party menu for the 2010 Election


A national broadbean network
with a mirin and murray basin climate change sea salt seasoning
A selection of rice crackers and a liberal serving of dips


Spicy tomato and sage soup with crispy tofu
and Crusty gluten-free rye bread

Main Course

Annabelle Crab Cakes with a sweet Julia ‘ginger’ Gillard soy dipping sauce


Flourless chocolate cupcakes

Current Affairs

Politics with Jake

Jake is one of my BFFs. He’s a 21-year-old musician. We’ve played in a band together for five years. Last night we went to the QSong awards because we were nominated. When we got home the conversation turned to politics. He’s not very political:

Me: So who are you going to vote for?

Jake: The girl.


Me: OK. Why?

Jake: Because the guy looks like an over-protective dad who doesn’t let his 23 year old daughter use the phone.