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Citrus Cured Salmon

So let’s ‘pretend’ there’s an audition coming up for a cooking show on Australian TV, just hypothetically and for example. Let’s say you had to bring in a dish that used technique but didn’t need refrigeration or heating. I’m thinking something like this citrus cured salmon could be ideal. Or perhaps even cerviche (although I think a few people might make ceviche). I’m also thinking an Italian-inspired cured emu salad. Decisions, decisions.

This salmon from wrightfood looks amazing though:


Lamb Heart Pies

Sadly, not made with lamb’s heart. Just in heart shapes. I had to make dinner for 8 last night on a $5 a head budget in one hour. I diced a cheap leg into pie-size pieces, braised the bits and pulled it off with money and time to spare. The rocket was a little weary though, that brought the presentation marks down. Crispy garlic mash was a hit too.


Chive and Sesame Tofu

Doesn’t sound very appealing if you’re a meat-eater does it, but look at the photo. Holy cow, it’s enough to turn you vegetarian. I found this in Map Magazine, they got it from The Eastern and Oriental Cookbook by Will Ricker.  I’ve never been a big fan of bean curd, but next time one of my vegetarian friends comes around for dinner I’m making this. Which reminds me of a joke that was going around after the first Gulf War. “What have Saddam Hussein and Little Miss Muffet got in common? They’ve both got Kurds in their way”.

Vegetarian Wrap tour of Brisbane

The Wrap tour of Brisbane — Stop 2: Bar Merlo, Fortitude Valley

Vegetarian, toasted. Fetta, Pumpki, spinach, thinly sliced spanish onion

Price: $7.90

Pros: Fantastic tortilla, perfect mix of flavours, perfectly toasted

Cons: Not quite filling enough for my manly stomach desires and $7.90 isn’t exactly a bargain

Verdict: It’s the closest wrap to the office so the economics work out well