Italian Kangaroo Pasta

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni with Kangaroo Ragout

If I had a signature dish it would be this. Perhaps it’s the songwriter in me, but I just love food that rhymes. ‘Kangaroo ragout’ has the cutest ring to it. I cooked it for my Dad’s birthday yesterday and he didn’t know what a ragout was, so he christened it ‘Skippy Stew’ instead. That wasn’t half bad, but it’s not really a stew. I served this with some freshly shaved parmesan, torn basil leaves and my own ‘signature’ insalata caprese on the side, made with bambini bocconcini instead of mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and rocket as well as the traditional basil. I’m not giving away the recipe because a) it’s a secret, and b) I change it slightly every time. The ricotta/roo combo means you can drink it with a white or red, but I poured a Granite Belt Verdehlo and was pretty happy. It actually looked amazing, I blame the iPhone camera for the crap photo (that, and dad thought I was being a tosser wanting to photograph the table before we ate, so I had to be quick).

Kangaroo Ragout
Kangaroo Ragout

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You are a tosser LOL….. but damn you can cook my friend! Looks good and you’re talking straight to my palate….. all my favourite ingredients and combinations, i cant believe i didnt think of this earlier haha if only i too could cook!

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