Day Job(s)

One day I’ll live in Cuba and/or Spain, own a proper winery and write novels and grand histories of important things. Until then I run a charity called Spare Keys.

Books, Writing and Music

My first book, a satirical look at popular culture entitled HipsterMattic was released in 2011 through Allen and Unwin. The Australian called it “punchy” and “enjoyable” with “moments of brilliance”. My mum thought it was funny. Lately I spend most of my creative time blogging about being a newlywed with my wife Bec here at The

The ABC, The Punch, Maxim, Q Weekend and Crikey publish my other musings from time to time and I’m a contributing editor to Marketing Magazine. I also regularly write feature articles for a few other niche media publications and gourmet travel magazines. Once upon a time, I was an actual journalist working for uncle Rupert, during which time I won an award. I can’t remember if it was a Walkley or the Cumberland Newspapers Sports Story of the Month, but I’m going to presume it was the former.

When I’m not writing or marketing I sometimes play in a band. We are technically still a band, but we haven’t played a gig since 2013, so we’re probably not getting famous any time soon. Our biggest claim to fame is that we made the Triple J Hottest 100 voting list in 2007, which isn’t a very big claim to fame, but hey, you take what you can get. We played the Big Day Out once too, but it was at about 1.30 in the afternoon and we were on at the same time as Grinspoon so not many people came to see us.