Baby time: What to pack in your hospital bag

Things to pack for mums

The size you want your maternity pads.
Ideal size for maternity pads – an essential item.

1.     Maternity pads (at least 3 packets) – the larger the better – think ‘surfboard size’ as you might need to insert icepacks into them, and wear two at a time. Yes, really.

2.     Maternity bras – including one that is a size larger than what you think you’ll need. You’ll thank us the day your milk comes in i.e. your boobs will look like you’ve a lifejacket under your skin.

3.     Nipple pads – fun fact: nipples can leak when you think of your child, and aside from the aesthetics, milk running down your tummy will wake you when sleeping. Speaking of sleep…

4.     Your pillow – you will sleep better with your own pillow, that is when you’re not wide-awake checking that the baby is breathing (every new parent does it!).

5.     Dry shampoo – whether you’re in hospital for 3 or 5 nights, you’re not going to want to wash your hair. Pack this to make you feel (and look) human.

6.     Lip balm – your lips will get dry when breastfeeding. 60% your body will be uncomfortable in hospital – prevent your lips from joining the list.

7.     Button up shirts and dresses – will make breastfeeding easy, will keep you comfortable and warm, and will prevent you having to get half naked in front of everyone to feed your child.

Things to pack for baby

1.     3 outfits per day – make them zip-up suits that cover the feet and hands, no button-ups. You do not want to be stuffing around with buttons when baby is crying, it’s 2am, or when you’re tired as hell.

2.     3 singlets per day (to wear underneath the zip-up suits) – wee and poo can and will defy gravity.

3.     10 nappies per day – in the early days you will wonder if your baby has a stomach.

4.     2 packets (100 in each) of baby wipes – you’d rather have too much than not enough, and if you’re a new parent – you’re likely to use 17 wipes per nappy change until you get the hang of things.

5.     Baby bath wash – get the gentlest you can find.

6.     Swaddle suits or muslin wraps for safe sleeping – swaddle suits will see you zip them up in 2 seconds, muslin wraps will see you try and origami your child after each nappy change. Your call.

7.     4 blankets – your baby might spit up throughout the night. By taking in 4 blankets you will be able to hand your baby to visitors, wrapped in a vomit-free blanket, thus increasing their charm / likelihood of future babysitting.


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