Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby shower gift ideas parents will love and use

Our child has just outgrown 80% of the infant-sized clothes bought for him, without wearing them once. This is because he pooed and weed on nearly everything (not his fault; infant nappies rarely don’t always fit perfectly), so, we kept him in zip-up plain and boring suits, so as to not spoil the super cute nice items.

Our loved ones spent lots of money on the cute stuff at our baby shower, which was so lovely, but we feel terrible because a lot of it wasn’t used. Which brings us to this post…

Here is a list of baby shower gifts new mothers will use, and will totally pash you for:

1.     A voucher for a house cleaner (2 fortnightly visits) in the first month.

Massage: what a new mum will actually want – clean hair included.

2.     A massage / haircut voucher and offer to babysit in the second month (mum will likely be able to express by this time and drive if she’s had a C-section).

3.     100 spit up / burping cloths. Do not underestimate how valuable these are, and the need for many of them.

4.     Baby bath towels with hoods – see above re quantity.

5.     Zip-up suits, not button-up suits (no one wants to fuck around with these), in the next size up for the baby’s weight.

6.     Nappies (not for infants, but the next size range up from the baby’s birth weight).

7.     Baby wipes (gentle and moisturising).

8.     Dummies / pacifiers (do your bit to give the new mum’s nipples a break!)

9.     Magazine subscription (not baby-related – to keep her in touch with the outside world).

10.  Her favourite television show’s boxset – she will be doing a lot of sitting/3am feeds – help keep her entertained!

11.  A nice water bottle, so mum can keep it beside her bed when breastfeeding – breastfeeding makes you super thirsty.

12.  A breastfeeding pillow – even if she gets 11 of these, they will be useful – as baby will likely stain all of them, via some form of fluid exiting the body.




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